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The SysAPI library has a few classes used for system integration.


The System class has only static methods used for:

  • getting the operating system name
  • getting the processor name
  • getting a path for user data storage

Command Line Interface#

The Cli class is used for parsing command-line arguments.

#include <sys.hpp>
int main(int argc, char * argv[]){  Cli cli(argc, argv)  if( cli.get_option("test") == "true" ){    //do the test  }  return 0}

The Cli class expects arguments to be of the form --<switch>[=<value>]. If just --<switch> is used then cli.get_option("<switch">) == "true" is true. If the <switch> is not present, cli.get_option("<switch>").is_empty() is true.

You can also use const auto action = cli.get_option("action") where if --action=program is passed as a command line argument, action == "program" is true.


The Version class manages semantic version values. It converts between BCD versions and string versions as well as compares versions.

#include <sys.hpp>
Version str_version("1.0")const auto bcd_version = Version::from_u16(0x0100)
if(str_version == bcd_version){  //this is true}