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Nucleo 144

To install Stratify OS, you need to install the bootloader and the OS. The bootloader is installed using the mbed mounted drive. The OS is then installed using the native USB. You need to connect BOTH USB connectors.

Nucleo-144 USB connections


export CHIP=F446ZEexport ID=FFxXbp1ExySM7DaLrBA4
mkdir tmpsl cloud.install:id=$ID,build=boot_release,dest=host@tmp

Now copy tmp/Nucleo-F446ZE_build_boot_release.bin to the mbed drive. Then push the button on the board to reset the device. You should see the blue light flash several times. You can do this using the command line. This command will vary slightly depending on your system. You can always just drag-and-drop to copy as well.

cp ./tmp/Nucleo-$CHIP_build_boot_release.bin /Volumes/NODE_$CHIP

Now install the OS. Remember BOTH USB connectors need to be connected.

sl cloud.install:id=$ID,sync=false

Other Nucleo 144 Boards#

Use these variables with the above instructions:


export CHIP=F746ZGexport ID=XCw1jMjiObLMUDKZFRG2


export CHIP=F767ZIexport ID=8fgoFM3GV4Kos65AegZT


export CHIP=F412ZGexport ID=Loy74Ukm6dVsLMqQ7T6g

What's Next?#

Once the OS install is complete, you can explore Stratify OS using sl.