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Install sl

What is sl?#

sl is a command line tool for Linux/Mac/Windows that allows you to manage OS images and applications running Stratify OS. It is lightweight (<5MB) and can easily be installed/removed from your system.

Installing sl#

Windows Setup#

These instructions are for use with bash. The easiest way to get bash on your Windows computer is to use Git for Windows. This has the added bonus of installing git as well which is used later to clone and build code.

export SL_LINK= INSTALL_DIRECTORY=/c/StratifyLabs-SDKexport PROFILE=bash_profile

macOS Setup#

export SL_LINK= INSTALL_DIRECTORY=~/StratifyLabs-SDKexport PROFILE=bash_profile

Linux Setup#

export SL_LINK= INSTALL_DIRECTORY=~/StratifyLabs-SDKexport PROFILE=profile

Download and Install#

Copy and paste the following commands in terminal and then hit enter.

mkdir -p $INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bincurl -L -o $INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bin/sl $SL_LINKchmod 755 $INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bin/slecho 'export PATH='$INSTALL_DIRECTORY'/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.$PROFILEecho 'export SOS_SDK_PATH='$INSTALL_DIRECTORY >> ~/.$PROFILEsource ~/.$PROFILE

Setting up sl#

sl should now be available on the command line. You can test it using:

sl --version

sl treats the current folder as a workspace. Before you can do anything useful, you initialize the folder as a workspace:

mkdir workspacecd workspacesl --initialize

This will create a file called sl_workspace_settings.json in the current directory.

Cloud Login#

To access the sl cloud features (such as downloading pre-compiled binaries), you need to create an account and login. First, use Google or Github to create an account. Second, copy your credentials to the command line.

After you create your account, you will see:


Then use the "Copy Credentials" button:


The copy is in the form of an sl command, just paste it in the terminal and press enter.

Update sl#

For best results, you will want to update sl to the most recent version.

sl --update

If there is an update available, use:


Confirm the update with:

sl --version