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Install Stratify OS

Get Some Hardware#

To install a pre-compiled binary, you will need one of the following development boards. Follow the link on your board to install Stratify OS.


Once the OS is installed, here are a few sl commands you can use to explore the OS.

# Show OS detailssl
# reset the boardsl os.reset
# Explore the filesystemsl fs.list:path=device@/# show flash pages for applicationssl fs.list:path=device@/app/flash,hide=false# show RAM available to applicationssl fs.list:path=device@/app/ram,hide=false# List the available device driverssl fs.list:path=device@/dev# copy a file to the MCU flash memoryecho "Hello World" > hello.txtsl fs.copy:source=host@hello.txt,dest=device@/app/flash/hello.txtsl for devices with an SD Card# the SD card needs to be formatted for this to worksl fs.copy:source=host@hello.txt,dest=device@/home/hello.txtsl fs.list:path=device@/home
# taskssl task.listsl task.analyze:duration=3
# read the debug tracing buffersl debug.analyze 

Run Applications#

Now that you have the OS installed and have run some basic commands, you are ready to run some applications.